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Naked Human
The absence of conscience in a man
(Hardly deserved to be referred
as a man)
The tragedy that is our fate
of cosmos so little yet tremendous
in capacity
to flourish, to yield the deed
of the evil human
All that is left to chance
to begin with
To occur or "be" obscure?
Aren't the stones we carve
the sands of the universe?
when even the attempt to be
is pitiful
why attempt to be, even

Lullabies and fairytales,
Crooked's childish inspirations
to tie ends of no consequence
and believe in never-land
in never-time
to procreate
more dust magic to disguise
the bard himself
to make exist or cease exist?
We do exist, we make exist
Do exist and make exist,
can they coexist?

Is it the mutant in blazing fire
(alive on earth)
in the blinded mind of the cursed?
His heart he commands:
"The perfect puppet to feed the flames,
rekindle my glory in your consumption!"
The source is the will to do
and not stand a chance
against another
Or perchance will Himself
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Hierarchy :iconaryaneth:aryaneth 2 2 Busy :iconaryaneth:aryaneth 1 0 Echoes :iconaryaneth:aryaneth 4 2 Blackbird :iconaryaneth:aryaneth 0 0
Too much too soon
How scary is it you tell me  
to shut my eyes to it but hard
it is to do so when my inquisitive mind
is always running in the background  
The future I knew to be imagined only
Sooner than later transformed and traveled
Into the time of do's and don'ts
In reality nobody cared simply
Wanting just to take part in the processing of
A new generation
Perhaps it's the time
Breathe and reboot
While others are hibernating
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Bir "ben" vardı bende
Kimsede olmayan bir "ben"
Bana ait, özel ve güzel
Devinimlerine inandığım bir "ben"
Bir olanla yok olan bu "ben" miydim?
Hiç var olmuş muydum ki?
Gerçekte bir yalan,
Yalan da bir gerçek miydi?
Sanırım bir inanan vardı sadece
İnandığı hayalin kendisi olduğunu fark eden
Yeni bir "ben"
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I'm constantly watched
Constantly chased
Constantly tracked
By a butterfly
A creature not bigger than the pupil of my eye
She disappears and reappears in the candescent sky
Yet the whizzing sound of her wings gives me shivers
The vibrant orange of her beauty gives me quivers
She dazzlingly soars over my mind
A bit conceited maybe, but kind
Sweeping the infectious dust
Scrubbing the toppled layers of rust
Sucking the syrup out of Mrs. Lust
She crapes away my soul's crust
Only to reveal
With little appeal
My essence
Then tiptoeing her way out of my presence
While her instantaneous life swiftly paces
She lives through the last of her phases
Pollens are her remaining traces
That of lantanas and scarcely daises
For when she travels to future places
Faraway lands and distant spaces
Her delicate wings embroidered with laces
Flapping against the wind as she races
Will break apart into millions of pieces
Her sense shut, her weak voice hoarse
Her body will soon turn into corpse
Leaving behind he
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"You will fly above the rainbow maybe
Or soak up all the rain
I believe you can make it
all the way up to the
Reach for the moon while you're there
and touch the  rays of
my sun
Don't forget to bring me some
of that candy cotton clouds…"
An escape is only
Only in our dreams is it
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        Âdem ve Havva'nın hikâyesindeki en ilgi çekici element bilgiyi temsil eden elmadır. Havva Adem'e elmayı yemesini söyleyince, Adem dayanamayıp elmadan bir ısırık almıştır. Böylece, bütün insanlığın hala omuzlarında yükünü taşıdığı en büyük günahı işlemiştir. Gereğinden, hatta izin verildiğinden daha fazla bilgiye hatim olmuştur artık Adem. O nasıl bir meyvedir ki, bir ısırışında Adem'i Tanrı'nın bilgisine eriştirmiştir? Günümüzde öyle bir meyve çıksa dayanamayıp biz de bir ısırık alır mıydık acaba?
Peki, Havva neden elmayı kendine saklamamış, Adem'e uzatmıştır? Havva'nın bu hareketi içinde buluna
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        Bana bakan gözler boş, karanlık ve sevimsiz. Bir zamanlar bende kargaşaya yol açan, beni yolumdan çıkartan, mantığımı ele geçiren bu gözler artık anlamını yitirmiş özlü sözler gibi. Renginde, kendimi durduramayıp atladığım, doyamayıp saatlerce yüzdüğüm bir okyanusu hayal ederken şimdi tekin olmayan, hastalıklı, bulaşıcı bir çift küre var karşımda. Nasıl oldu da hayran oldum bu gözlere, nasıl oldu da sevdim sahiplerini, bilemiyorum.
Oysa o, bütün bu düşündüklerimden habersiz, itici bakışlarını üzerimde tutmaya devam ediyor. Kırmızı rujlu dudakları kımıldıyor, açılıyor, kapanıyor, konuşuyor, soruyor, yanıt bekliyor,
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M U R O :iconaryaneth:aryaneth 0 5 Ceremon :iconaryaneth:aryaneth 2 2
Heart of Hearts
No cry can reach, no hand can touch
These haunting, daunting walls of a place called
The heart
Frightened and fragile
A soul lingers in the corners
Gently brushing the cracks in the walls of a home called
The heart
No friend may comfort, no foe may worsen
This agitating state of the mind
Who inhabits itself inside the walls of a chamber called
The heart
A potion or a poison is of no use
To the living corpse lying on the floor
Of a not very well known crime scene called
The heart
No one dare love, no one dare want
The wounded creature who solemnly sits alone in dark
Inside the walls of a hideout called
The heart
The long-lasting notes of a forgotten melody
Desperately echoes inside,
In search for a way to break free from a prison called
The heart
Vacant, lifeless and cold
To the blindest eyes it may seem
The surrounding walls of a place called
The heart
Nobody has wandered, nobody has strolled
Around its borders close enough
To feel the beats of the heart of hearts of a heart called
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Warsaw 2010 :iconaryaneth:aryaneth 1 0 A Thousand Watt Smile :iconaryaneth:aryaneth 1 2


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